Why NCM Campaign Manager?

  • Quick & Easy

    Our simple self-serve tools provide everything you need to place your ad in movie theaters, from start to finish.

  • Real-Time Quotes

    Know your media cost in real-time for accurate planning and adjusting.

  • Customer Support

    Our helpful support staff can assist you before, during, and after your ad placement.

How it Works

  1. Create an Account

    Enter your contact information and business details to create an account. You can use NCM Campaign Manager as a guest, but creating an account makes it quicker and easier to create your campaign.

  2. Select your Movie Theater

    You know your area and your business better than anyone. Choose which theaters you want to advertise in to make your campaign as effective as possible.

  3. Upload your Business Ad Creative

    Video content ads in :15 or :30 durations are accepted. More detailed technical info about the files can be found on our Specs Page.

  4. Choose your Campaign Timing

    Consider different factors that may affect your campaign, such as promotions you might be running, or upcoming holidays, and select dates for when your campaign will start and end.

  5. Review your Campaign

    Make sure to double check the details you provided for your campaign and complete your purchase. Boom, you're done!