NCM Campaign Manager FAQ

About NCM

Who is NCM? 
National CineMedia (NCM) is America’s Movie Network. As the largest cinema advertising platform in the US, NCM unites brands with young, diverse, hard-to-reach audiences through the power of movies and pop culture. NCM’s movie theaters offer expansive reach and unparalleled audience engagement with 20,300 screens nationwide, in over 1,600 movie theaters in 195 Designated Market Areas (DMAs).


About your Ad

Content Guidelines
While striving to meet the needs of our advertisers, NCM must also be sensitive to the interests of moviegoers, theater circuits, and movie studios. NCM has established guidelines to ensure content that airs in The Noovie Show on the big screen and in our theater lobby and digital platforms promotes an entertaining, relaxing atmosphere to enhance the moviegoing experience.

NCM reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to reject, ratings-restrict or request modifications to any ad it deems inappropriate for certain viewing audiences. Thus, the tone of the content must be suitably mild, per the MPA Ratings standards, for all ratings. Any stylistic approach that presents material in a dark, threatening, frightening, morbid, aggressive, or sexual nature, or depicts alcohol use, may be deemed inappropriate and subject to ratings restrictions.

For an overview of NCM Content Guidelines, click HERE.

What does the Creative Approval Process look like? 
Once NCM receives your ad it is reviewed by our internal approval committee to ensure that it complies with our onscreen content guidelines. Once reviewed, you will receive notification that your ad has either been approved or rejected, with information regarding next steps.

Ad Specs
Please send the largest file possible. For an overview of NCM Ad Specs, click HERE.

What happens if my Ad is out of spec? 
If your Ad is out of spec, you will receive notification from NCM identifying what aspect is out of spec so that you can correct the issue and resubmit.



When is my payment processed? 
Your payment will remain in Pending status until your campaign details and creative have been approved and processed.

What happens to my payment if my campaign doesn’t run? 
Your payment will be released from Pending status, and you will not be charged.



What is a campaign? 
A campaign defines the where, when, and what for how you advertise. We need to know the specific movie theaters, dates, and ad you plan to run to build an advertising campaign. In cinema advertising, a campaign consists of scheduling details including dates, locations, ad length, and message to reach your target audience.

How quickly can my campaign start? 
The typical turnaround time for an ad to begin airing on-screen is three (3) business days from when we receive the ad. This allows us the necessary time to approve and process the creative for the big screen. Once we have your completed ad, we can set your start date and adjust the end date for your campaign accordingly.

What if I want a more customized campaign? 
NCM is happy to help you develop a more customized campaign. Please fill out our online contact form and one of our Account Directors will be in touch.

Can I choose which films my campaign runs in front of? 
At this time, we do not allow clients to select which films their ads run in front of. The good news is by your ad showing before every movie, every day for the duration of your campaign, your ad reaches a larger audience.

What happens if the theater I choose does not have inventory available? 
If a theater that you chose does not have inventory available, a member of the NCM Campaign Manager team will reach out to discuss alternative options. This could include shifting your campaign dates or moving your campaign to a nearby theater.

When do I need to be at the theater to see my ad on the big screen? 
We recommend arriving at the theater your campaign is scheduled at 45 minutes before the listed showtime so you can grab some popcorn and candy!  Be in your seat no less than 30 minutes before the movie is scheduled to start.

Where does my ad play?
Your ad would air as part of our Noovie® show, hosted by Maria Menounos, which delivers entertaining content featuring top talent and today’s hottest creators. It’s the best reason for moviegoers to get to the theater early. From travel and trivia to culture and commentary, Noovie® gives fans a deeper connection to pop culture – and through cinema advertising, your brand can be part of the conversation.

How often does my ad play? 
Your ad would play prior to every movie, in every auditorium, in your chosen theater for the entire length of your contract.


After your Campaign

Who should I contact if I want to renew my campaign? 
Please reach out to the NCM Campaign Manager team at

Who should I contact if I have more questions? 
Please reach out to the NCM Campaign Manager team at Someone will be in contact within 24-48 hours during normal business hours.